What is church?


The Church 'Gabalfa' doesn't mean the building that you see here. Gabalfa Baptist Church is the people, the family, the community.


What is Church?

But Church isn't just any old gathering of people, but the gathering of:


 God's people                           God's family                           God's community


God Himself has brought us together around the death of His Son on the cross, to belong to Him, to enjoy Him, to love Him and to live for Him. Because God is the one who brings us together, in Gabalfa we are a diverse group of people - diverse in personality, looks, ages, ethnicities, jobs and backgrounds. Yet we're a group of people who have Jesus in common with each other, which means everything!


What does it mean to have Jesus in common?

Having Jesus in common means that each member of Gabalfa came to realise that they were lost, that life was not what it should be, because we ruined it when we turned our back on the God who made us.

Each member came to realise that God, through His Son Jesus, came to look for us, to save us from being ruined forever and to bring us home. Jesus did this by being ruined in our place when He took our punishment and died on the cross.

Every member of the Church came to realise that Jesus has paid their debt to God and has forgiven them and has welcomed them into His family.


What's the point of Church?

God intends to use this family to represent

His life                            His love                            His hope                            His truth

to the world and bring more people to Himself! Life as it should be, with Jesus at the centre, is now on display in the Church family for all the world around to see. The good news of Jesus is spoken out and shown off by the life of God's family as we live together.