Come & Meet Jesus,
He Gives True Life.

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Join us every Sunday 11pm + 6pm

Join us on Sunday

We hold our morning service at 11 AM and evening service at 6 PM every Sunday.

We were hopeless sinners

With hard hearts of stone, lost in deep darkness, devoid of true life, broken, wicked, sinful, enslaved to the many fleeting pleasures of the world, blind to the holiness, glory and great love of the Living God who created us.

Black and rough rock surface
Red brush-stroke painting depicting 3 crosses at Calvary where Jesus died

Jesus saved us

He took upon himself all the curse of our sin and suffered the punishment we deserve. He called us out of darkness into his marvellous light. Through his death on the cross, his body broken and his blood shed to satisfy the righteous judgement of God and redeem us to new life, we are now saved and have a firm hope that we will one day live in the splendour of God’s amazing presence forever.

Jesus Sustains Us

Through his Spirit, we are being held fast by him. We greatly desire to remain in his love, rooted and built up in our love and knowledge of Him. We gather to Jesus, meeting consistently and enjoying fellowship together. 

Two women embracing each other in a room full of people
People singing in front of Lady Playing Keyboard

Come and Visit Us

We would love to make Jesus as clear to you as we possibly can. From the fullness of his love, we yearn to love you by welcoming you and speaking truth to you.

Whether you are a student or recently moved to the city and are looking for a church or simply visiting for a short time, we’d love to see you!

We Meet Every Sunday

11:00 AM and 18:00 PM