Our History

“His Compassions fail not... Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:22-23

Originally known as Gabalfa and Maindy Chapel, the story of our church began in 1884. Writing about the early days, former members W.T. Johns and E. Mortimer wrote:

“If you were alive in 1884 and wanted to leave Cardiff by the northerly road you would hurriedly pass through the outlying district of Maindy not wishing to tarry. The district at this time was known as “Black Maindy” because of its fearsome reputation as a place of drunkenness, brawlings, rowdy quarrels and free-for-all fights amongst its inhabitants, making it very difficult to maintain law and order. Those who did tarry and put down roots, however, were not dismayed by these conditions but were determined, under God, to establish a place of Worship where the new-life-giving quality of the gospel would be experienced by those coming under conviction from the preaching and teaching of God’s word.” 

“This was the environment in which the early pioneers commenced the work of preaching and teaching. Their indoor work was initially established in one of the Crown Cottages in Herbert Street, the home of Mr and Mrs W. Criddle. As numbers increased larger premises were found in the Soap Works, where a room seating one hundred and fifty people was used regularly. From there the services were moved to an Upper Room in Cross Street and when this became overcrowded it was decided to build a chapel at the end of Herbert Street.” 



of preaching and teaching the word